What are covered and not covered under Medicare Supplement plans?

A Medicare beneficiary is enrolled in the coverage of other types, through Medicare program or your employer. Signing for Original Medicare means you fill a form asking if you have other insurance types. In this place it is very crucial to inform all the other coverage type you have. Medicare uses this information in receiving health care services.


Here is a list of insurance of other types that you may have. These insurance coverage types are different from the Medicare Supplement plans:

  • Medicaid
  • Medicare Prescription Drug plans
  • Medicare Advantage plans
  • Employer or union group coverage
  • Veteran benefits
  • Insurance policies offering long term care


What are the benefits covered by the Medicare Supplement plans?

There are standardized 10 plans represented by letters between A to N. Of course it also includes Plan F, a high deductible plan.  These plans are mostly obtainable in most states, but Minnesota, Massachusetts and Wisconsin have a different standardized set of Medicare Supplement Plans.

Check out the different plans www.medigapplansguide.com.

The levels of premium and coverage vary, but each plan share the same benefits as per the letter category.  They are the same, whatever the location or insurance company.  For instance, the benefits of Plan A are identical as they are in Oregon and New Jersey.


Generally, the Medicare Supplement Plans cover benefits such as:

  • Part A Medicare hospital and coinsurance costs (for an additional 365 days even after the benefits of Medicare are used)
  • Part B Medicare coinsurance or copayment
  • First 3 pints of blood
  • Hospice care Part A copayment or coinsurance


Some Medicare Supplement plans types also cover:

  • Skilled nursing facility are
  • Part A deductible Medicare
  • Part B deductible Medicare
  • Part B Medicare excess charges
  • Emergency foreign travel ( as per plan limits)


Medicare Supplement plans (Plan K and L) include a limit for out-of-pocket. In case the expenses for Medicare-covered services reach a particular level or amount, the Medigap plan covers 100% of the costs that are Medicare-covered for the entire year.


As mentioned, the benefits keep varying with each plan type.  So take time to consider the benefits and arrive at a decision.



Benefits not covered by Medicare Supplement plans


There are certain benefits that are not covered and they are:

  • Routine dental or vision care
  • Long term nursing home care
  • Eyeglasses
  • Hearing aids
  • Prescription drugs
  • Private duty nursing