Medicare supplement plans benefits explained

Part A Medicare coinsurance and the hospital costs take care during hospital stays and it is Medicare that pays first 60 days but for the deductible. Later it is as follows:

  • All but per day $329 from the 61st to 90th day
  • All but per day $658 from the 91st to 151st day and this will be given for one time
  • Finally you will receive nothing from 151st However all the plans pay for additional 365 days for 100% and also for the copays.


Part B Medicare Coinsurance or Copayment, here the Medicare supplement plans pay around 80% of costs. All plans pay remaining 20%.


Three Pints Blood:  Medicare plans all pay for the first three blood pints. Medicare also pays 100% for the requirement of any additional blood.


Coinsurance or Copayments Part A Hospice Care: The Medicare plans pay for all the Medicare copayment or coinsurance most times, but in some cases part payment is done. Medicare supplement plans bear the remaining costs of hospice care as approved.


Nursing Facility Care: This facility handles the daily involvement requirement of rehabilitation staff or skilled nursing. Thus, the skilled nursing facility care includes physical therapy and intravenous injections. Medicare pays for first 20 days, later it pays $164.50 from the 21st through the 100th day as per the approved costs. Medicare, after the 100th day pays nothing.  Some of the plans here pay all, while some do not pay or pay for few in the initial 100 days deductibles or as copays.


Deductible Part A: This is a deductible in the hospital stay. The amount was $1316 in 2017 as per stay.  Here also it is based on the plan, so some pay for few, none or all.


Deductible Part B: This is annually deductible, but it is expected of you to pay before receiving the benefits of Part B as coverage for the visits of doctor and also for most outpatient services. The deductible as on 2017 was $183. Thus the Plans C and F alone pay the benefit.

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Emergency Foreign Travel: This is an emergency medical care, but it is not under the medicare supplement cover. Generally, there is benefit up to 80 percent to a $50,000 maximum for lifetime with a deductible of $250. However, some plans also pay this benefit.


Thus knowing about the Medicare supplement plans benefits is essential, it is helpful.